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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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scrambled travel plans for hundreds of people of flights in california was met on the tar pack this morning by police. passengers were hustled off and then police swept the plane for a bomb. turned out to be a hoax. philadelphia wasn't the only place where this happened. >> that's right, five different flights were targeted by bomb threats, planes that landed in chicago, atlanta, san francisco, and mexico all received threats this morning. no explosives were found on any of the planes and nobody was hurt. >> it created jitters for travelers and comes just as a report shows the tsa failed 95% of the time in security inspections across the u.s. undercover agents were able to sneak weapons and fake explosives. the head of the tsa was reassigned after the failures were exposed. >> doug what do passengers on today's planes into philly have to say about their orteal? >> reporter: a lot of them said
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even though it turned out to be a hoax ultimately it didn't feel like it. >> all emergency vehicles flying down the runway. >> reporter: max was one of the 88 passengers aboard the u.s. airways flight from san diego that landed just after 6:00 a.m. because of a bomb threat. >> we didn't hear about it until we landed and even the pilot came over the intercom and said he heard the plane was possibly under threat. >> reporter: the flight was one of five sources tell nbc news had been targeted by anonymous callers. >> there was a bomb scare and everybody had to take their luggage and purses and put them on the tarmac. >> reporter: it was 90 minutes of angst and inconvenience. >> we were given the all clear. at this point it was a hoax. >> reporter: the bogus threat comes on the heels of a shakeup at the transportation security administration after undercover tests showed agents got fake
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bombs and banned weapons through checkpoints around the country. >> it kind of makes you feel that when you're checking in and going through the airport it's like a dog and pony show. >> reporter: just about every passenger we spoke with said it was sort of ironic they found about the tsa security failures while they were flying ood. live at philadelphia international i'm doug shimell, nbc news. amtrak's top executive in the hot seat today on capitol hill telling congress his agency is responsible for last month's train derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people. >> and this accident is so shocking because it's so unexpected. >> unexpected but preventable, with technology amtrak already has that was not in place for amtrak 188 derailed exactly three weeks ago today. members of congress question why safety systems on philadelphia rail lines were not in use. >> the nbc 10 investigators
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first told you about the missing safety systems the day after the crash. mitch blacher is in washington. >> mitch was congress satisfied with amtrak or the federal railroad administration? >> reporter: i wouldn't use the word satisfied but for three hours the house transportation and infrastructure committee asked questions about amtrak everything from its funding to the automatic train control and positive train control systems and why they weren't in place on that section of track in philadelphia. those of course are the systems that many say could have and should have stopped amtrak 188 before it derailed. >> the committee will come to order. >> reporter: the tone was set from the start. >> i think this committee expects answers. i think these families are owed answers. >> reporter: the leaders of amtrak, the ntsb the engineers union and federal railroad administration officials faced critical questions. amtrak president joseph boardman
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took responsible responsibility. >> it was amtrak's train we're responsible for the incident and its consequences. >> reporter: the main question why the safety systems meant to slow a speeding train weren't operative on the northbound side of the frankfurt curve. amtrak had said it did not think a train could gain enough speed between 30th street station and the derailment site. amtrak 188 was going 106 miles per hour when it derailed. >> at that time the notion that an engineer might actually accelerate into the northbound curve was not a circumstance we anticipated. >> reporter: were you satisfied with the answers you got from amtrak today? >> i thought that -- i was. i think that they're going to need to answer more moving forward. >> reporter: pennsylvania congressman ryan cass tee yo wastillo was part of the hearing questioned whether more money could have prevented the accident. >> a properly installed and functional positive train control or ptc would have prevented this accident.
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>> reporter: congress mandated positive train control on all passenger rail lines on the northeast corridor by the end of the year. it estimates the cost is around $111 million. >> did you ever tell this committee or the congress that you weren't, you didn't have the funds to move fast enough on installation of positive train control? >> we did not. >> reporter: amtrak's ceo was clearly moved by what happened on his watch. he made this promise. >> and i promise you, that by the end of this year this system which will dramatically enhance safety will be complete and operational. >> reporter: now the federal railroad administration said during this hearing that positive train control is simply the most dramatic important railroad safety development of the last century. since amtrak 188 derailed amtrak has taken several steps including installing cameras,
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they're going to install cameras inside the engines of its trains and installed speed restrictions signs as well as testing as many as 30 trains for their speed at random on the northeast corridor. we're live in washington for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, mitch. six victims of the derailment are still in philadelphia hospitals. doctors at temple university hospital are treating four patients, one of them is still in critical condition. two patients at hahnemann also in critical condition. it has been pouring in bala cywyd, torrential rain falling 15 minutes ago, leaving light mist now and plenty of clouds. the phills will have a home stand against the reds, first pitch 7:05 bring the umbrella. here is a look from our sky cam network. >> nbc 10's first alert
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meteorologist sheena parveen is keeping a watch. >> it's mostly light rain up through the lehigh valley into the poconos around the philadelphia area and mostly scattered showers moving through parts of new jersey and delaware and if you're not seeing a steady rainfall you're at least seeing misty conditions and also some pretty chilly unseasonably cool temperatures. here say live look out at the center city skyline, tops of the buildings cut off by the low cloud cover and the mist outside, too will stay in the forecast as we go through the rest of tonight. current temperatures though are cool, the average high this time of the year is close to 80 degrees now, but we're only in the 50s. 57 right now philadelphia, 57 allentown, wilmington. 56 in millville, so this is unseasonably cool for today and with the mist around makes it feel a little bit cooler. for 6:00 p.m. we're still looking at temperatures in the
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50s, drizzle around the area by 8:00 p.m. mid-50s scattered showers at least and by 10:00 tonight we are still dealing with light showers across the area, more rain is coming in the forecast but also warmer temperatures on the horizon. i'll show you the numbers coming up. >> thanks sheena, we'll check back with you then. nbc learned about funeral arrangements for former delaware attorney general beau biden. >> the vice president's son died over the weekend, he will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover thursday from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, that is open to the public. >> on friday there will be two public viewings at st. anthony of padua catholic church in will ming than wilmington 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at night. >> delaware bureau reporter kim furlong spoke to a lifelong fred of beau biden's today.
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that friend is planning a role in the funeral? >> reporter: he is lots of people are. as we speak secret service meeting with local police and national guard members trying to figure out the logistics for what is going to be a complicated, quick operation. that friend and some other of beau's buddies ordered sandwiches from the original capriati's store down the place. they had a meeting, who will say what. of course the president is going to speak, all happen at st. anthony's. secret service has been here today, it's a big church it's going to be packed, lots of people trying to say good-bye to beau. on saturday, some of the world's most powerful people will come to st.ant knee anthony's to say good-bye to beau. one of beau's best friends is helping plan it out, rob bucchini, a respected developer in wilmington. his focus is on beau and beau's wife and kids. >> they are asolid tough people. halle is the definition of a steel magnolia doing great.
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>> >> reporter: the bidens set up a foundation for his children it's been online for a few hours. >> we have already 50 contributions in the space of two hours, which i think is interesting we'll see a lot of that a lot of people who would not normally or don't have big dollars to give to something, but just want to do something. >> reporter: the foundation will raise money that will be given to various organizations that help kids from online safety programs to victims of sexual abuse. that was beau's focus in the a.g.'s office his friends know this is exactly what he would want. this is a way people can honor a guy that everyone in delaware just really liked. >> everyone loved beau regardless of your make or model, your political affiliation. >> reporter: and coming back live, st. anthony's a big beautiful church. for the last quupcouple of years i asked why he didn't use his own illness to help others and raise awareness of his disease, that's the thing you would expect beau
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biden to do. today his friends told me it wasn't that he was trying to keep it private. we some really good reasons why he didn't talk about it at all to that point, he was sort of hoping he'd eventually talk about but we'll have more reasons come up at 5:00. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. police in delaware are trying to track down a peeping tom, a woman saw a man outside her bedroom window. this is a sketch of the man they're looking for a woman told police she was sleeping on may 17th when she heard noises outside her wilmington home and she noticed her second floor bedroom window was open. after closing it she heard noises again. if you know who this man is contact new castle county police. and take a look as a man pulls out a gun and starts shooting inside a philadelphia restaurant, caught on camera. police are trying to track him down. investigators say the suspect chased a man into the studio 7 bar and restaurant in kobz creek saturday and fired a shot.
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the bullet hit the wall. in camden county investigators are trying to figure out who set fire to three cars overnight. firefighters and police were busy putting out the flames at three different scenes. two of the car fires were about a block apart in pennsock. the third fire in camden. nbc 10 was at royal avenue in woodland where this car was destroyed in pennsauken. the arsonist used a flammable liquid to start the fires, police say. >> it appears the plan to bring new life to a popular lehigh valley soda company has fizzled out. businessman paul eisler planned to buy the a-treeat bottling company but the deal isn't happening saying the sellers did not follow through on agreement. a-treat closed in january after 97 years in business. we reached out to a-treat but haven't heard back yet. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with philadelphia's new plan to prepare children for
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school. mayor michael nutter school district superintendent william height and several community leaders launched the program today called a running start philadelphia, it focuses on kids birth to age 5 preparing them for kindergarten. >> the good thing about pre-k it does both of them inoculates children, takes care of the pay now or pay later and stimulates economic growth. >> last month philadelphia voters approved the creation of an independent commission on universal pre-kindergarten in philadelphia. the goal is to come up with a plan to implement and pay for the program. local kids are helping to create a work of art for pope francis' visit to philadelphia. today was the first in a series of community paint days. students from st. malachi and st. veronica's schools worked on a panel that will eventually be part of a giant mural. it will cover one entire side of st. malachi's new school. the mural will commemorate the visit of pope frap sis for the
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meeting of families in september. >> it is about family family for life and the mural tries to portray the catholic life we want to say a positive thing. >> the work offard will be called the sacred now, faith and family in the 21st century. we continue to follow a developing story out of china, five people are confirmed dead and more than 400 are still missing after a river cruise ship capsized overnight. the search is happening on the yangtze river. most of the passengers were elderly tourists. reports say the cruise ship sank within two minutes demean distress call was sent. according to a state broadcaster the captain and chief engineer are in police custody. the captain says the ship was caught in a cyclone and went under quickly. relatives of the passengers allege the captain abandoned their loved ones to save
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himself. ta ka ta today revealed it's going to replace a dangerous chemical in its airbags that can burn too fast and linked to at least six deaths. ta ka ta executives and federal highway officialed testified before congress today. the executive vice president of that company told lawmakers that ta ka ta deeply regrets every airbag rupture. the chemical ammonium nitrate can burn too fast if subjected to prolonged moisture. federal safety officials explain why this investigation is so difficult. >> there are over ten different configurations, and that's part of the problem trying to figure out what the root cause is. >> execs say the amount of airbags to have problems is small but takata is replacing all of them.
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after nine months of leave adrian peterson returns to the vikings today. he sent an e-mail to the associated press saying he's excited to put on a uniform again. peterson missed the final is agames of last season while addressing child abuse charges. congress is expected to take a final vote late today on a high profile bill that would eventually end the national security agency's collection of american phone records. president obama approved of the house bill which cleared a hurdle in the senate today. the law authorizing the nsa's collection of phone records expired at midnight sunday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in good condition after undergoing surgery on his broken leg in boston this morning. this is video by the way of kerry arriving at massachusetts general hospital last night. kerry was injured on sunday in a bicycle accident in france. he was traveling on a tour de france route when he hit a curb and crashed. happening now, it is primary day in new jersey voter turnout
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was low this morning here in washington township gloucester county. only voters registered with either party can cast votes in the state's closed primary. voters will choose democratic and republican candidates for november's assembly election. every seat is up for grabs this year but there's little competition. 35 of the 40 races are uncontested, they cast ballots for county executives and freeholders. experts expect turnout to be quite low. the polls close tonight at 8:00 that gives voters less than four hours now to go out and cast your ballot. definitely a cooler day than we're supposed to be having this time of year but the clouds and drizzle not making it better. rainy this afternoon and evening. we'll have light showers around and not just today, the clouds will linger for the next few
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days. by friday that is the warmest day before the weekend gets here and we warm up after that. the average high this time of year is closer to 80 degrees so we're below average and so far looks like a little bit of light rain to start the phillies game possibly but not so bad later tonight. temperatures mid-50s across the board, pretty uniform from the lehigh valley down to delaware and south jersey. everyone is in the same pattern. either you're seeing light rain showers around or misty kind of drizzly conditions. this extends into the philadelphia area towards trenton and i-95 where we see more steady rainfall especially closer to mystic island right along the shore in atlanta county moving into ocean county,
4:19 pm
more moderate rain showers there. for the most part this weather pattern will hang around for the rest of this afternoon and evening and tomorrow have a chance for thunderstorm activity that's down to the south right off the coast of virginia that's just south of delaware at the moment. i'll be watching that closely and see if it moves into the county but so far a majority of that looks to stay south of us. future weather as we go through the rest of the evening, still cloudy by 9:00 p.m. tonight, could see light showers or misty conditions, overnight same weather pattern pretty much in place and even by tomorrow morning. clouds linger wouldn't be surprised if we had some areas of drizzle in the morning, too, through the afternoon we could see some areas of sunshine those areas will be warming up a little bit more but farther south you go the clouds should still be locked in especially in places like delaware and south jersey. watch what happens thursday the clouds move back in thursday morning, light scattered showers possibly and through the afternoon thursday we get that flow up from the south and east again, that could push us in some more showers so all this
4:20 pm
weather is going to try to linger to end out your week but at least those temperature also start to go up by friday. tonight cloudy and cool chance of a shower. 55 for the low in philadelphia. 50 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow cloudy day, chance of showers around 66 to 70 degrees. i think some of us should see at least a little sunshine. i wouldn't say it's going on itto be a sunny day but clouds stick around thursday. friday around 77 and into the weekend around 80 degrees. men have the little blue pill to ignite their love lives. >> how about a pink version for the ladies? it could be coming soon. we'll explain. plus this -- >> it's excellent, gives me an opportunity to start fresh. >> serving up second chances, some local workers who fell on hard times now find themselves with a new opportunity. i'm upset i'm being followed. >> a renter's regret she handed over cash for a new place, turns
4:21 pm
out the landlord was an imposter. now she's out thousands, nbc 10 investigators are trying to track down that phony landlord. how many body guards do you have? >> how many body guards do i have? >> the new christie controversy today, how that question from the 7-year-old boy you see there could be creating a whole new set of problems for financial new jersey's tough talking governor.
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pennsylvania house leaders are digging deep near a plan that affects pension benefits. the senate republican plan would end traditional pension benefits to school and state government employees and said future employees would receive a maximum 4% contribution to a 401(k) style plan and a plan that would pay another 4% or less. >> pennsylvania has done more than any other state in the country in the past five years to try to rectify the challenges facing its pension system. obviously that has come at a cost without additional
4:25 pm
resources, placed a great strain on government budget. pennsylvania has set itself apart from financial new jersey and other states that five years ago were in a similar situation. >> lawmakers t's question to governor chris christie could force him to reveal much more than he intended. the topic the cost of his security detail. in april christie gave some information about his security after a 7-year-old scout asked the governor how many body guards he had, because the boy said he wanted to do that when he grows up. christie's office posted the governor's response on youtube. >> they're with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so not all 30 of them. usually, usually i have three with me when i travel. >> financial new jersey judge mary jacobson heard christie's response and that prompted her to say in court she may order christie's office to release all food, travel and hotel expenses charged by his guards.
4:26 pm
today governor christie appeared at an economic summit with several of next year's gop presidential candidates. florida governor rick scott hosted the event at disney world. christie spoke about his campaign for others last year as head of the republican governors association. republican presidential candidates marco rubio, also spoke. the search for an escaped sex offender has ended. police located 25-year-old caesar lockley hours after he gave them the slip in fairfield township cumberland county. he was handcuffed and awaited sentencing when he go the away from the officers. again he is back in police custody. take the money and run. new at 4:30 would-be renters forking over cash to would-be landlords. investigators take a closer look at the problem and why it's so hard to catch the criminals behind this growing trend. and a damp dreary and cool day. i'll let you know when the skies
4:27 pm
will start to clear and the temperature also climb again. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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all new at 4:30 renters beware. >> that's right, fake landlords using phony ads online may be targeting you. the nbc so investigators found fake landlords are taking thousands of dollars from would-be renters. harry hairston has been looking at cases across our region. >> reporter: sheila thought she was moving into the perfect home. >> i liked the neighborhood the
4:31 pm
neighbors seemed friendly. i'll choose this house. >> gibbs found an ad online for this house in east falls, made an appointment to check out the property and met a man who placed the ad. she paid him $2,200 to rent the place. the problem is he's not the owner. >> i'm so upset that i didn't follow my gut. i felt right about the home. >> reporter: police are looking for david moody saying gibbs isn't his only victim and moody isn't the only one ripping off renters. >> by virtue of being a felony it's a high priority crime. >> reporter: captain jones tells us this kind of crime is common. it happened four times on the 8000 black of fayette. >> if you see individuals in your neighborhood that don't normally aren't normally in the area or don't reside in the area or don't have business in the area that you know of to question it. >> reporter: catching the
4:32 pm
suspects is tough because they often use fake names, and disposable cell phones. >> it's definitely a big concern, we've had some really sad stories about people trying to move in places. >> reporter: mike mccann is vice president of the greater philadelphia realtors association. >> we see people taking properties for sale and posting them with the photos and description on craigslist or other online sites and trying to capture renters from them. >> reporter: last year the fbi tracked crime in 2014 there were just under 10,000 complaints nationwide of fake landlords trying to rent or sell properties that weren't theirs. that resulted in criminals duping victims out of $19.8 million. >> you have to be working with a realtor or check with lni to see'people have a rental license before you give money or sign a lease. >> reporter: things gibbs says she wished she knew before losing thousands of dollars. more information we dug up for you, realtors in south jersey
4:33 pm
tell us they see a wave of incidents with fake landlords. they're working with the fbi on those complaints. we've also received complaints about phony shore vacation rentals. authorities say to always get proof of owners before you rent from anyone. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. a damp and dreary tuesday afternoon, rain today in some places. nothing like the downpours and flooding we experienced yesterday into last night. >> do you have your rain gear ready? nbc 10 was at 6th and chestnut in center city. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is back with more on the forecast. >> we miss the sun and warmer temperatures. >> we got spoiled from all the warm weather and sunshine and now dealing with a gloomy, rainy, cooler pattern,
4:34 pm
definitely cooler. here say live look at citizens bank park where it is raining, mostly just some light rain right now and this is going to stay in the forecast for the rest of the evening. it's all moving up to the northeast, and we have most of that light rain through parts of the lehigh valley poconos, montgomery and bucks county. traveling from philadelphia to trenton along 95 or the major interstates there, this is the area where we have a little bit more steady rainfall and some isolated showers through parts of south jersey right now. look at the temperatures uniform from about the poconos down to parts of southern delaware under the same weather pattern here, the clouds locked in either drizzle or light rain showers so we're pretty much all in the mid-50s for this time of year, though we should really be near 80 degrees so that just goes to show you how cool it is outside. by 6:00 p.m. this evening, 57 degrees, drizzle still around cool temperatures by 8:00 only around 56 degrees. temperatures are going to stay steady, damp and cool. we'll warm up by the end of the
4:35 pm
week i'll show you that forecast coming up. new jersey drivers could face fines if they light up with kids in the car. state lawmaker would give police the power to ticket a child who smoke with children under 17 in the vehicle. it would be a secondary offense meaning an offer wouldn't be able to pull a driver over for just smoking. elected officials along with labor and business leaders in new jersey voiced their support for south jersey gap submitted a plan to run a 22-mile high pressure natural gas pipeline through the pineland. it would run from just outside millville and cumberland county to upper township cape may county. the new pipeline would provide a backup supply route to more than 142,000 customers in cape may and atlantic counties. >> it's something that really needs to be done from an environmental point of view from an economic point of view from an energy production point of view from a public safety
4:36 pm
point of view. >> several environmental groups opposed the plan which still needs to be approved by the new jersey pinelands commission. in delaware the state house is poised to vote on a bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. the legislation makes possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil offense punishable by a fine of $100 rather than a criminal offense. law enforcement groups oppose the measure. nearly half a billion dollars inu#7zxelottery jackpots will be on the line in the next day and a half. first thing's first, tonight's mega millions jackpot has grown to an estimated $253 million for this evening's drawing. nobody's hit thesé#r jackpot since last march. tomorrow night we get another shot the powerball is up to $188 million. you can play both multistate games in pennsylvania new jersey, and delaware. i know what i'm doing tonight when i leave work. >> i think we're all going to be doing the same thing. today the new pill that
4:37 pm
could spark romance. well it's sparking new interest. >> a sex pill for women. we'll tell you about the new effort to get it out there on the market. also sidewalk scare, a car plows into a little boy. today the amazing thing that happened right after the collision caught on camera. and next the eggspenive changes to your break fast bill. why you'll be paying more for that first meal of the day. o
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is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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. your community can play an important role in preventing skin cancer accord towing a report just released by the cdc. the report states effective community prevention programs could reduce the number of melanoma cases, it suggests sun protection recreation areas and also including the sale of hats, sunskrin sunscreen and sunglasses and increasing shade at playgrounds, pools and other public places. pharmaceutical company is hoping the third time is the
4:41 pm
charm getting fda approval for a pill designed to boost a woman's sex drive the drug is dubbed as the little pink pill. the fda already rejected it twice. thursday they'll consider its approval yet again. your next breakfast omelet could possibly be more dough. the deaths of millions of hens from bird flu tightened the country's egg supply. prices have been rising at a rate of five cents a day over the past week. eggs used as an ingredient in ice cream, mayonnaise and others products are up about 162% since april. it's video that will make you gasp. >> and parents and grandparents have them keep a closer eye out of little ones. an out of control car slams into a little boy right on a sidewalk. we'll show you the full video of what happened and why it turned out to look a whole lot worse than it actually was. and we're coping with a soggy stretch of weather. find out when we'll start drying
4:42 pm
out when temperatures will make their rebound with my first alert seven-day forecast. >> all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 the "national geographic" cover features one of the most iconic pictures ever taken and the photo is also at the center of an art heist, with ties to our area. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 8th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a two-year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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a quick acting cop rescued a man from a burning car and it was all caught on the officer's dash cam. the incident happened early saturday in south carolina when the officer saw a car burning in a parking lot, as the officer used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames he noticed there was somebody in the driver's seat, he pulled him to safety. amazingly the man was not seriously hurt. a new york boy is lucky to be alive after a car drove onto a sidewalk running him right over. >> my gosh it was all caught on camera. we want to warn you now, some
4:46 pm
people are going to find this disturbing. now take a look there, you can see the boy walking along the sidewalk, the car runs off the road there, hit a tree knocked the child down and rolled right over the child. witnesses tried to lift the car off the boy while waiting for help to arrive. police still not sure what led to the accident. as you can see the little boy is doing well. going in circles oh my gosh. our sister station in new york caught up with him today as you see him running around the store in brooklyn. i'm speechless. >> i think the only word to describe that is miraculous number one. number two, resilient. that's what kids are. >> absolutely but so scary. kids you look away for a second and they're off. >> um-hum. >> it worked out well for him. >> um-hum. >> all right, sheena let's look at the weather. things happening that fast in the weather? >> you know what? not really. the weather is a little bit slower but at least the kid was happy about it everwards, happy
4:47 pm
to walk away without a scratch on him, that's for sure. the ben franklin bridge we have a gloomy kind of dreary drizzly cool day today, so we're not really going to see too much of the sunshine until tomorrow possibly in parts of the area but i think for some clouds will be lingering through a good portion of the day. in philadelphia 57 degrees is the temperature, our average high this time of year is closer to 80 so we're well below that with our wind direction also the cloud cover, light rain being reported at philly international. temperatures are in the 50severy where. 54 in mt. pocono. 57 in allentown. 56 in reading, 55 atlantic city 57 dover, millville, wildwood under the same weather pattern, we all have the cloud cover and either you have the drizzle around or just the light rain in many cases. so here is a look at the radar, pretty unsettled weather pattern in place, closer to the shore some heavier showers moving into beach haven here these will continue moving to the northeast, but the general motion of all this rain is to
4:48 pm
the northeast. thunderstorms are down to our south off the coast of virginia we'll be watching those to possibly move into sussex county. steady rainfall lehigh valley and philadelphia up to trenton. future weather shows the light rain starting to leave later tonight but by 9:00 p.m. the clouds around and chance of lingering light showers or dridle. early tomorrow morning we'll see the cloud cover. most of the area will be rain free although we can't rule out some drizzle. through the afternoon tomorrow notice how some drier air filters in around philadelphia points north and west where we could be seeing more in the way of sunshine tomorrow afternoon but then we go into thursday and those clouds move right back in again and our rain chances go back up a bit. by thursday 8:00 in the morning clouds come back through the afternoon, they're lingering and we could even have at least a few light showers in the forecast as we go into thursday so it's really not going to be until about friday when you see
4:49 pm
that warmer air start to move in. tonight cloudy and cool chance of a shower. 55 for the low in philadelphia 5 degrees areas north and west. then tomorrow cloudy chance of some showers, temperatures a little bit closer to 70 degrees especially in those areas where we see sunshine a little farther up to the north. by thursday upper 60s, chance of some showers, more clouds start to move in. friday, 77 degrees, so a little warmer going into the weekend, we have temperatures around 80 degrees, we'll be watching that closely, the weather pattern we have right now is pretty unsettled, so we're going to watch that move out for the weekend at least as of now and we go into sunday temperatures still near 80 degrees, so really looks pretty good so far for the weekend. maybe not as warm as people would like especially closer to the shore, but i think we'll take it as long as it's not cold and rainy like today. >> um-hum. >> that's right. >> sure doesn't look very nice behind us. >> no. >> not the best backdrop. we have sunny days ahead, right a approaching summer should get better. >> it can only go up from here
4:50 pm
really this time of year. >> when you took your driver's test for the first time you passed? >> i think so. >> i can't remember. it's been so long. >> take a look at this. i don't know i guess they should teach this in driver's ed class never pull out in front of a tank. police in germany say an 18-year-old driver thought she could turn left in front of a moving british tank convoy. i'd love to know where this happened. she didn't realize tanks cannot stop as quickly as cars. the tank missed her but flattened the front end of her new car. >>. they make their living in the atlantic city gaming market. >> until their luck ran out and their jobs were cut. incoming 10 news is there at these former casino workers start a new chapter. and new on nbc 10 news at 5:00 the sound of silence, where the man whose job it is to arrange the music for the pope's visit to philadelphia suddenly decided to walk away from the event.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
some new hope today for dozens of people left jobless by the downward spiral of atlantic city's once booming casino business. >> they're going back to work but not in the casino industry. four atlantic city gaming halls closed last year the atlanta club trump plaza, left about 8,000 people jobless. ted greenberg tells us about a new opportunity for a fraction of those workers in a neighboring community. >> reporter: eric consteen is serving customers for the first time since the revel casino hotel shut down in september. >> it gave me an opportunity to start fresh. >> reporter: this was the first day in business for the cove a new restaurant bar and package
4:55 pm
goods store in brigantine. nearly all of the 60 or so employees were victims of last year's four casino closures. >> it's the right thing to do and we wanted to give priority to local residents in brigantine and local people from atlantic city and up and down the shore. >> it's great because you have people withp-#dñ experience, not starting fresh. lot of familiar faces. >> reporter: besides providing dozens of new jobs the cove gives new light to a building that has been vacant since the steak 38 restaurant closed in 2008. >> i think that this is something brigantine really needed. i think that it's going to help bring the town back together and also provide opportunities for people that really need a break. >> reporter: close to $3 million went into a massive renovation of the restaurant. more than 350 people applied to work here and most also offered plenty of prior experience. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
4:56 pm
>> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 suing the phone company, that's what delaware county officials are doing, and it's over tens of millions of dollars. next why they say a feud over fees is costing the county's emergency 911 services vital funding. and we're still stuck in this kind of damp cool weather pattern. coming up though, we have some sun in the forecast and warmer temperatures. we'll show you when that will arrive, next. and sounding a sour note just before the pope's visit. why the man assigned to organizing the music for pope francis' philadelphia trip is walking away from the event. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. o
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
. rain is moving through parts of our area now. torrential rain in bala cynwyd before 4:00. it now leaves a light mist and plenty of clouds. across the jersey shore and much of the nbc 10 viewing area it is damp and dreary weather. the soggy weather kept most people off the boardwalk in ventnor. >> meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's cool and damp if you're not seeing steady light rain you are seeing drizzle.
5:00 pm
the green showing us where the lightest of the rainfall is, scattered and spotty in south jersey and delaware but the more consistent area through the lehigh valley, poeconospoconos, philadelphia, trenton to the interstates. this is a much lighter rain than yesterday at this time but it is still causing temperatures to stay much cooler than we should be for this time of year. live look out citizens bank start a wet start to the phillies' game later this evening but rain will be clearing out in time for the game, either way it is raining around the stadium and temperatures are cool because of it. take a look 57 degrees in philadelphia, 57 northeast philly, allentown and wildwood so uniform temperatures across the entire area. we are all dealing with the clouds and if not the lying rain you have the drizzle in the area so damp and cool as we go through this evening by 6:00 57 degrees. by 8:00 not much changing and even by 10:00


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